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How can we mitigate the negative aspects of technology?

Most of what you have read or seen is Techno Determinist: Technology is the bright shiny object that can do no wrong, as technology is the driver of the course of history (very Silicon Valley). If you listened and read carefully, in the ‘2nd Machine Age’ video (Section 1.3 | MIT Economists), one begins to glean that economically there has been a hollowing out of the middle class caused by technology. For every action there is a reaction and there is a darker side to technology. For example, the Nobel prize was created to recognize those that confer the greatest benefit on mankind in various fields (literature, chemistry, economics). Alfred Nobel made his fortune as the inventor of dynamite (a technology) and was known as the Angel of Death during his lifetime… How can we mitigate the negative aspects of technology? What role do human values play here? (ii) Reflect on what you just learned in this module. What did you find most fascinating? What concepts can be applied the apparel | retail industry? For this question, feel free to post a recorded video of yourself. I will send the video via messages. When answering, make sure to post a website link, video, relevant article and/or infographic that supports your idea.